Vaser Liposuction

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Vaser Liposuction

Getting rid of stubborn fat pockets is always tough. There are times when dieting and exercise also fail to serve the purpose. But thanks to the advancement of technology where Liposuction is capable of getting rid of all the stubborn fats pockets of the body.  Vaser Liposuction is one of the liposuction procedures that involves the removal of fat from the body in the least invasive procedure. The procedure encompasses the breakdown of fat cells and sculpting body without causing damage to any of the surrounding tissues.

Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. So it is clear enough that this procedure is an ultrasonic-based liposuction. The popularity of Liposuction is increasing day by day as it involves a very short recovery time in comparison to any other liposuction procedures.

Advantages of Vaser Liposuction

  • Vaser liposuction is also a very prompt procedure in sculpting body and treating multiple areas of the body. The ultrasound loosens the fat without disturbing any of the surrounding connective tissues or muscles.
  • The results are visible quickly in comparison to any other procedures and least scarring and bruising are involved in the procedure.
  • The Vaser liposuction is normally performed under local anesthesia so the candidate can go back to their home on the very day of undergoing liposuction.

Vaser Liposuction Procedure

A strong yet controlled ultrasound energy is being applied to the desired portion of the body (from where you want to remove fat). The ultrasound causes vibrations in the body which include the fat cells and surrounding tissues. This vibration breaks down the fat cells and liquefies it. This liquefied fat is finally suctioned out from the body with a cannula. The liquefied fats are taken out from the body through minute incisions which are sutured at the end of the procedure. Any proficient surgeon would take 1 to 3 hours to perform a single Vaser Liposuction procedure though that depends on the area of treatment.

The Results of Vaser Liposuction

  • The results are long lasting but maintain the results solely depends on the patients. Because the fat bulges that have been removed can revert on gaining weight.
  • The ultrasound aided liposuction stimulates the production of collagen in the body and that results in a tight trimmed body.
  • Normally the patients can experience the results instantly after the procedure and that can successfully improve the overall appearance of the treated areas.
  • The candidates may experience mild discomfort or swelling on the treated areas but these will fade off within few days.
  • The patient can go back to their work after one day of undergoing the procedure, but vigorous activities should be resumed only on your surgeon’s recommendation

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