Who are Good Candidates for Lip Injections?

In recent years the celebrity Kylie Jenner has undergone lip fillers and made fuller lips a trend. Maybe after seeing her and because of the popularity of “trout pout” and “duck lips” in the social media, taking lip injection has become a trend. Lip Injections are a fast improvement option that will last up to or more than 6 months. It is very popular for women with ages 18 – 80 and can compliment just about anyone’s look with fuller lips.

Most of the people especially who are new to lip fillers think that it will make them look unnatural. Choose a good doctor or nurse for the injection, they will make you understand that lip renewal is about reviving volume to your lips and them also carefully emphasis on your natural lip profile. They will try to manage your aesthetic balance.

You are a good candidate for lip injection if you have thin lips naturally. Some people already have beautiful fuller looking lips and people are born with thin lips naturally, but sometimes some people lose the volume of their lips commonly as a result of natural aging. As you age, your lips contract, the mouth become thin, and lines are formed above and below your lip line which looks like “smoker’s lines”. Fortunately, whatever be the cause, lip fillers or lip injections can help you get those beautiful fuller lips. Lip injection address the issue of lack of volume in lips relatively fast and has next to no downtime.

You should only go for lip injection if you are healthful enough to do so. If you have any health concerns or you are on any medication or have any allergies, you should address it to your doctor.

You should be aware of all the options available in the market. There are other options also apart from hyaluronic acid for fuller lips. A hyaluronic acid such as Juvederm, Restylane, and alike are the most common options for lip injections which also lasts long. Apart from these, there are some other alternatives also available to you, which depends on your particular needs. One of these options includes collagen injections. But for collagen injections, you have to take allergy tests for four weeks because it is extracted from bovine hides. You can also go for fat transfer in which fat will be harvested from another part of your body and will be injected into your lips. But fat transfer tends to be short-lived because your body reabsorbs the injected fat. Surgical options such as fat transfer or lip implants which are more intrusive, but they also last longer. Many patients go for surgical lip enhancement after watching good results with low-commitment lip injections. The best part about lip fillers is that they are usually products based on hyaluronic acid (HA), like Belotero that blend into lip tissue when injected, and are readily absorbed into the lip tissues over the time, and they can really even help to make new collagen. With so many options available, make sure to choose the process and the content of the filler to fit your needs.

You should have a realistic expectation from the procedure. You should see before and after pictures of the previous patients of the doctor. You should know the cost and anticipate how long the effect will last and what are the possible side effects of the treatment.

When you go for lip injections, your doctor will inject a gel of hyaluronic acid into your lips. This gel will take place in soft tissue and fat that was lost due to the natural manners of aging. It will plump up your lips in the process. Many people fancy such fuller lips when they see pictures of celebrities with huge, overly-plumped lips in magazines; but, sometimes peoples’ experience after lip injections is a far cry from such photos. Some medical conditions may keep you from being the best patient for lip augmentation such as diabetes. It can influence your body’s strength to heal. Oral herpes or the herpes simplex virus type 1 (chronic cold sores) can also influence your lip augmentation outcomes. Consult your doctor about the possible outbreaks and side effects before the surgery.