It’s so great to feel confident, in any situation, anywhere, with anyone. If you are struggling with overdeveloped breasts, feeling self-confident may be but a wish and a dream, and it’s true – the way you feel about yourself can affect your relationships.

Gynecomastia (abnormal breast enlargement) or as it is sometimes called, “man boobs,” may short-circuit your physical intimacy, and some physical activities may be emotionally debilitating for you. You may be avoiding intimacy and outdoor activities out of self-consciousness or embarrassment. Unfortunately, even vigorous exercise and dieting may not be effective in reducing the size of your breasts.

Gynecomastia, an organ proliferation within the male breast, may be a common clinical condition that will occur in males of all ages. The condition is also associate degree incidental finding on routine physical examination, or might gift as new-onset palpable breast mass with or while not hurting. It will be unilateral, bilateral, and/or asymmetrical. Pseudogynecomastia (fatty breasts) is usually seen in weighty males and differs from abnormality therein breast
enlargement is thanks to hyperbolic fat deposition while not organ proliferation. abnormality might cause important embarrassment and psychological distress in affected males.

Gynecomastia is a condition in which males have overdeveloped breasts. This condition with males is not specific to any age bracket but can affect any age group. Doctors performing breast reduction surgery are often visited by such patients who share their queries and concerns for a solution to this problem.This condition is very unpleasing for such people and many a times forces the person to live in isolation.

Some of the characteristics of gynecomastia include:
Excess of breast skin,glandular tissue, fat deposit around the area.
Some of the major causes of this include:
Obesity, Heredity and Hormonal changes
Use of certain drugs like antibiotics, heart medicines, anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants, chemotherapy, etc account for side effects like gynecomastia.
You need to look for clinics performing best gynecomastia surgery in order to find a solution to your problem.
Marijuana and drugs like heroin, steroids and herbal drugs also leads to altering the hormone balance and leads to gynecomastia.


Who is the ideal candidate for gynecomastia surgery?

According to the experts of breast reduction surgery, the right candidate for gynecomastia surgery has the following characteristics:

● Person is unhappy with the enlarged male breasts and feels like isolating from social gatherings due to this issue.
● One or both the male breasts have enlarged tissues.
● Abnormality is causing low esteem to the person.
● You have the willingness to restore the lost confidence.
● You already have undergone medical treatment for the cause which has not resulted in the desired end results.
● You don’t have obesity issues and the weight is close to the ideal weight for a normal person.
● Non-smokers can easily go for gynecomastia surgery. Cigarettes release carbon monoxide and affects the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. The oxygen carrying capacity affects the normal functioning. Especially for the person who has undergone surgery, smoking affects the recovery and healing of the body tissues. Because of this reason, doctors recommend to stop smoking before and after spending money for availing services related to the best gynecomastia surgery.
● Ideal candidate for this surgery should not be on certain contraindicated medicines which hinder recovery.
● Candidate should keep realistic expectations of the results .
● Skin quality: For the best results, there should be the removal of excess tissues as well as tightness/ contraction of the skin after the procedure. Some people don’t have the adequate skin type, e.g. men who are above 50, have undergone a surgery already, have damage on their skin because of sun or have scars.Breast development and
unusual growth should also be stabilized before the surgery.
● Candidate who have positive goals in life tend to have positive effects of the surgery and also recover from the surgery faster.
● Men who undergo this surgery should not have any life-threatening disease which hampers the healing and recovery.

All these factors make up for the ideal candidate who can undergo this surgery. However, a cosmetic/plastic surgeon is a better person to check if you are physically sound to undergo the surgery.
The patient along with the surgeon can together make the surgery and the recovery successful.
The person should have a zeal and confidence to recover and improve his physical appearance.



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